Because there are now so many options now compared to 15 or 20 years ago, when purchasing a new kitchen sink it is important to consider not only appearance, but also measurements, durability, and mechanics. A wider range of options also means varying prices. Although on average a new sink will cost about $200, depending on brand, materials, and style, it can be somewhat cheaper or a lot more expensive.

If an existing sink is damaged or simply out of date, it makes perfect sense to purchase a new one. As part of this purchase, you should update the faucet as well. This will boost the price but will enhance the overall appearance and functionality.

Size of the Sink

Regardless of size, there are some innovative options, including single and multiple bowls, different depths, unique shapes, and more. However, there are three specific things to consider when choosing the size of a new kitchen sink.

  • Existing Size – Unless you are giving a kitchen a complete new look, the size of a new sink will need to fit an existing space, so it is important to obtain exact measurements.
  • Room Size and Configuration – Although oversized multi-basin sinks are among the most popular, for someone who has a smaller kitchen or one configured with little space around the sink area, this particular style would quickly become overwhelming, whereas for a larger kitchen, it would be ideal.
  • Use – Something else to consider is how the sink is used. For instance, if the sink is merely for filling up pots, getting a drink, or rinsing off dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher, a dual design or large sink may not be justified.

According to industry experts, for a kitchen of 150 square feet or less, a conventional 22×24-inch sink with a single bowl is recommended. However, for kitchens that are more than 150 square feet, larger sinks designed with double and even triple bowls would work.


While colored sinks are nothing new, the options are. Today, kitchen sinks come in multiple colors; if needed, one can be custom made. One important consideration is that although color can add vibrancy or warmth to the kitchen, it will also increase the cost of the sink by as much as 20 percent.

Coordinating Fixtures

When buying a new kitchen sink, new fixtures should also be installed. This entails choosing from different materials, finishes, designs, brands, styles, and features. Most importantly, beyond aesthetics is the mechanics, which will have a direct impact on maintenance and durability.

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