Drains become clogged for a variety of reasons. However, the problem is often associated with something an individual put down the drain that should have gone in the trash instead. There are certain foods and objects that should be no-brainers, yet plumbers are constantly surprised at what they find.

In addition to a smelly and messy drain, clogs often lead to costly service calls from a plumber. The good news is that clogs are easily avoided. Learning what can and cannot be put in a drain is the simplest resolution.

Kitchen Drains

Unfortunately, some people think garbage disposals are capable of chopping up anything, but in reality, there are limitations. Specific to the kitchen, the following are things that should never go down the drain.

Grease, Fat, and Oil – Although tempting, grease, fat, and oil from cooking bacon, hamburgers, or other foods should never go down the kitchen drain. Hot water will not flush these substances through the pipes as some people believe.

Tealeaves – Even a few loose tealeaves are enough to clog a drain. Leaves are a fibrous material that can cause serious problems, not to mention damage to a garbage disposal.

Coffee Grinds – This is another food that often goes down the kitchen drain. Coffee grinds mix with other things, especially grease, creating a clump of goo that quickly causes a serious clog.

Jell-O – Most people are shocked to learn that Jell-O or any gelatin product should never go down a drain. Although gooey, this substance becomes a blob that creates issues.

Bathroom Drains and Toilets

Just as there are specific things to avoid putting down a kitchen drain, there are restrictions for bathroom drains and toilets.

Food Items – These drains are not designed to handle food. For that reason, only kitchen drains with disposals should be used for food items.

Baby Wipes – Even thin wipes that look more like toilet paper are a huge no-no. It does not take many wipes to create a very serious problem.

Condoms – Although condoms will sometimes flush, they can also fill with air and/or water, which then causes a blockage

Tampons – Although there are a number of tampon products on the market that claim to be flushable, individuals take a huge risk by putting these down the toilet

Paint/Paint Thinner – Both of these products are extremely dangerous. In addition to the potential for clogs, paint and paint thinner can cause serious damage to pipes, as well as the environment outside the home.

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